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1x to 16x pcie riser cable with molex power

Powered PCI-E risers cables are essential when building a Bitcoin or Litecoin mining rig so your motherboard does
not get burnt out. Used by Bitcoin and Litecoin miners to rise the important graphics cards from their motherboard
and space them out better for cooling and to enable more GPUs to be used.
It also allows you to connect your graphics card to any 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x PCI-E slots to make use of those slots
you wouldn't normally be able to use. By connecting your graphics card to the riser then to the power supply via a
molex connector, you take the strain off the motherboard and prolong its life.
Get your essential riser cables ASAP to start making the most of your Bitcoin or Litecoin mining rig

16x to 16x pcie riser cable with molex power

2-layer PCB bard designing PCI-E 16X slot soldered with normal IDE ribbon cable.
No Driver necessary and not support hot swappable.
Interface : PCI-e 16X
cable length: 15cms, total length: 19cms
molex cable provide extra power suppy if your pci-e video card can't get enough power from PCI-e slot.

Powered PCI-Express PCI-E Riser 1x to 16x Flex USB Extender Sata and Molex 3feet

Powered PCI-E riser cables are used by cryotocurrency (Bitcoin & Litecoin etc) miners to raise their graphics cards
awayfrom their motherboard allowing space to cool.
Also very useful for when the case does not allow sufficient amount of room between graphics cards. Powered riser
cables are an abolute must when running multiple GPU's to mitigate the risk of drawing to much current direct from
your motherboard and burning it out.

Dual PSU ATX 24 Pin Cable for Litecoin and Bitcoin Mining rigs

1.Enables the connection of two power supply units to a single motherboard.
2.Perfect for Litecoin and Bitcoin Mining rigs and Dual PSU gaming.
3.With this simple adapter you can join the power of 2 PSUs into one.